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    Ham Investigations understands that workers’ compensation fraud is the most significant controllable cost factor in work-force budgets today. Widespread misuse of workers’ compensation drives up costs, deflates productivity and destroys staff morale.

    To that end, we provide complete worker’s compensation investigations including:

    • AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment / Course of Employment)
    • Subrogation
    • Activity Checks
    • Surveillance
    • Background Checks

    Our Investigators are experienced in conducting detailed recorded interviews and identifying prior injuries, medical history, apportionment, subrogation, and other relevant information.

    The benefits of hiring HAM INVESTIGATIONS for your case include:


    • Investigators who specialize in conducting workers’ compensation interviews;
    • Investigators who are equipped with the latest digital recorders, cameras and communication equipment;
    • Investigators who are well trained and professionally represent you and your firm
    • Investigators who are equipped with all the resources needed to conduct successful investigations;
    • Administrative staff dedicated to reviewing work product for optimal integrity, quality, accuracy and timeliness;

    Whether you are self insured or have coverage, investigation and surveillance of workers’ compensation claims will minimize your exposure to workers’ compensation fraud. We provide early, effective AOE/COE accident investigations, including claimant statements, scene photography and video, surveillance and supervisor statements and background research.

    The most crucial factor in defeating workers’ compensation fraud is effective use of surveillance to refute injury limitation claims alleged by the claimant. A picture tells a thousand words and our photographs and videos which clearly depict that a claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury are the proof you need in these types of cases.



    The following are examples of workers’ compensation fraud:

    • Falsely claiming a work place injury which did not occur on the job
    • Filing a false claim when there was no injury
    • Receiving workers’ compensation benefits after the injury has healed and the person is able to return to work
    • Assisting another person to make a false claim
    • Accepting employment while still receiving workers’ compensation benefits
    • Making false statements to medical professionals concerning the manner and extent of an injury