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    Ham Investigations offers our clients an efficient and reliable Service of Process in all areas across Tennessee. Ham Investigations excels at delivering peace of mind that your document will be served quickly and efficiently. Our team utilizes specialized databases to locate information not available to the public or most other process service entities. Our unique approach to your case greatly increases your chances of a successful service.

    While there are several companies that provide Process Service including ones that offer three attempts for a one-time fee, these companies are rarely successful in serving the reluctant or hard to serve parties. Ham Investigations has gained a reputation for being able to effectively and efficiently locate and serve these types of individuals and businesses. When needed, our professionals will conduct a modified background check of the subject or subjects to obtain the most up to date information available in locating them for service. Ham Investigations team of Licensed Professionals ensure that every service is documented with audio and/or video surveillance so there is never a question about whether service was completed or to whom the service was given.

    If you or your firm are in need of process service in Tennessee, we will work with you to efficiently manage the serving of your documents. Our experienced team of licensed professionals take pride in what they do and have the experience you need in difficult or hard to serve situations. In the event that Service of Process is needed out of State, Ham Investigations is connected to a national network of Licensed Investigative Professionals that will be able to assist any needs you may have.

    Ham Investigations process services include:

    • Child custody orders and modifications
    • Orders of Protection
    • Divorce
    • Small claims
    • Criminal Subpoenas for witnesses or experts
    • Garnishments
    • Civil suits
    • Forcible detainer (eviction)
    • And much more…