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  • Fraud Investigations

  • Ham Investigations is here to assist corporations, small business owners and individuals when they suspect fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets. Ham investigations helps to determine the existence, nature and extent of the fraud. We also work with clients to identify the perpetrator and, where possible, recover the loss.

    When efforts have been made to conceal evidence, members of our forensic technology team recover and process the digital evidence using sophisticated software. We can also examine current processes and procedures and recommend controls to prevent or reduce the possibility of vendor/supplier fraud. In all of these circumstances, we provide supporting documents and are available to serve as expert witnesses in civil and criminal litigation.

    If you have been wrongly accused of fraud by an employer or have been charged either criminally or civilly, Our team can assist you in providing the proof needed to restore your credibility. Just because someone has made an allegation against you does not mean you are guilty. Allow our team of professionals to investigate your case. Ham Investigations utilizes Licensed Professional Investigators which are Certified Fraud Examiners as well. These professionals bring decades of experience to your personal investigation.

    Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s) combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law, and the ability to resolve allegations of fraud. Our certified fraud investigators are trained to understand both how and why fraud occurs.

    The CFE covers the following four areas:

      • Fraud Prevention and Deterrence
        • crime causation
        • white-collar crime
        • occupational fraud
        • fraud prevention
        • fraud risk assessment
        • and the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics
      • Financial Transactions
        • knowledge of the types of fraudulent financial transactions incurred in accounting records.
        • basic accounting and auditing theory
        • fraud schemes
        • internal controls to deter fraud and
        • other auditing and accounting matters
      • Fraud Investigation
        • interviewing
        • taking statements
        • obtaining information from public records
        • tracing illicit transactions
        • evaluating deception and report writing
      • Legal Elements of Fraud
        • Familiarity of criminal and civil law, rules of evidence, rights of the accused and accuser and expert witness matters.