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  • Employment Screening

  • Employment screening is a process of investigating every aspect of an individual’s past to find out any hidden information, histories (criminal, civil or non reported) or to uncover any fraudulent representations of the candidate. This includes checking as many aspects of a person’s background as possible, to verify the validity of their training, experience, references and past actions. Ham Investigations can assist in discovering several aspects of a fraudulent candidate such as:

    • Uncovering False Names or Identities
    • Exposing Resume Fraud
    • Criminal convictions
    • Civil liens, judgments and bankruptcy
    • Domestic Issues or Protective Orders
    • Finding Any Patterns Of Business Misconduct
    • Information as to past Performance And Reliability

    Ham Investigations can assist in Pre-screening, interviewing and polygraph examinations of potential candidates or existing employees or vendors. Information obtained can be utilized for insurance purposes, documentation for disciplinary actions or to prevent a potential candidate from ever becoming a liability.


    Clearly, the persons associated with the rearing of your child or loved ones need to be screened. There is nothing so violating as a family that is harmed or destroyed by a person in a position of trust. Detecting and preventing those situations should be high on everyone’s list of priorities. Ham Investigations can provide accurate and in-depth information to assist you in verifying that the person you entrust your loved one to is the best person for the job.

    Ham Investigations is able to provide undercover investigations, covert surveillance equipment and the training to utilize the equipment. Our investigators can also provide documented proof of any past issues or deficiencies in their stated expertise. Witness interviews and written affidavits in support of or against a caregiver depending on the circumstances can also be obtained and provided. If fraudulent information or evidence of abuse or neglect is found during the investigation, Ham Investigations will work with our clients and authorities to ensure those persons are prosecuted and/or prevented from marketing themselves to others that they would seek to harm or defraud.