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  • Asset Investigations

  • You or your firm finally received a judgment against a former partner, spouse, tenant, etc. Now what? People who win civil judgments in court often face additional challenges in actually collecting that money. The debtor might try to escape paying his or her debt by moving, changing addresses and phone numbers, quitting his or her job, or telling the court that he or she does not have the funds available to pay the amount owed.

    Before the court lets your debtor off the hook for paying their judgments, Ham Investigations can investigate all aspects of a debtors’ assets and employment to discover where they work, how much they earn, what kinds of money they actually have access to, what type of physical assets they own or have recently divested themselves of and provide the proof you need to show the court it has been defrauded by the debtor.

    When people lie about their financial circumstances, they often believe they can get away with not paying their obligations. However, Ham Investigations will work to find out people’s actual financial circumstances and work with you to prevent this from happening. With the information gathered, you will be able to present “proof” to the judge and ask that the court place liens and garnishments on your debtors’ assets and earnings or in cases of physical assets order the immediate return of those items in question.

    Ham Investigations Professional Investigators are familiar with defendants’ methods and attempts to hide assets from their victims and we know how to find them for you. Our firm uses state of the art technology and equipment to gather physical evidence needed for court along with comprehensive documentation and the credibility to present these findings in court through testimony. Not everyone who fails to pay a judgment is hiding something, for those that are, Ham Investigations will work tirelessly to locate what they have hidden and assist you in proving it so you can receive what is rightfully yours.