TN Accident Investigations

What Is An Accident Scene Investigation?

Each day, Ham Investigations Accident Scene Investigators conduct TN Accident Investigations across all of Tennessee. Each day, across the state, accidents claim lives or cause permanent injuries. When an accident occurs, it is often not enough to simply say that something went wrong. Therefore, you need an Accident Investigator.

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What Is An Accident Scene Reconstruction?

Accident Scene Investigation and Accident Reconstruction can help determine exactly what happened. Also, what can be done to prevent a future accident. Moreover, accident investigators can provide testimony in trials and to hold the correct party accountable for the damage incurred by the accident.

Are There Different Types of TN Accident Investigations?

Yes, there are many:

  1. The most common accident investigation deals with vehicular accidents. Car wrecks happen daily and it helps to have a third party on your side. Especially, when insurance companies and police agencies are dragging their feet dealing with your car accident. Similarly, going through medical bills.
  2. Accident investigations, however, are not limited to automobiles.
  3. Marine investigations, for example, investigate boating accidents and other accidents on the water.
  4. Insurance companies usually conduct Employee Accident Investigations. Subsequently to determine what exactly occurred, when an employee was injured on the job for worker’s compensation issues.
  5. Personal injury investigations are general types of investigations that try to get to the root of an accident in which someone got injured.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Accident Investigator?

There are numerous reasons why people want to have their own experienced investigator for a TN Accident Investigation:

  1. First of all, if an accident has occurred on your company’s premises or on your private property, an accident investigation can help you determine what caused the accident and prevent similar accidents in the future.
  2. To reduce liability in an accident.  Until you know what actually happened in an accident, you may think you are liable for damages and injuries. A good accident investigator can prove that you were not at fault. As a result, saving you from many issues that involve court and thousands of dollars.
  3. To get answers. Sometimes, just knowing what really happened brings a sense of closure. An accident reconstruction can tell you what really happened in a specific situation.
  4. To get evidence that can stand up in court. If you’re trying to collect claims for an accident or need to prove that you did not cause an accident through negligence or other fault, only a qualified accident investigator can help you get the evidence you need to solidify your court case.
  5. To ascertain witness location to obtain statements pertaining to your accident.

What Happens In A TN Accident Investigation?

Depending on the nature of the accident, a TN accident investigation can include :

  1. Visits to the accident site
  2. Interviews with witnesses and with those involved
  3. Collection of testimonies and other evidence that can help him determine exactly what happened in an accident
  4. Documenting the scene with photographs, videos and notes
  5. An accident re constructionist will usually attempt to re-create exactly what happened and use computer software programs to re-create accidents

How are Vehicular Accident Investigations different?

Vehicular accident investigations are a bit more specific. Therefore, investigators will examine:

  1. The point of impact
  2. The final resting positions
  3. the skid marks, scrub marks, and the gouge marks

In addition, the investigator uses Electronic surveying equipment to recreate the accident. Moreover, he can also inspect each vehicle and assess the damage. It helps him to determine the cause and as a result come to the conclusion. Checking components like brakes, steering, tires, suspension, and lights may shed light on the cause of the accident.

Looking For An Knoxville Accident Investigator?

In each of these types of TN Accident Investigations, the common denominator is a ‘Qualified Accident Investigator’. Only a professional investigator will be able to help you obtain and preserve the evidence you need. By not only providing you the peace of mind, but also helping you deal with different agencies. Providing helpful insight to what would have happen as a result.

Therefore, you need to contact us and we will be there with you side by side.

Ham Investigations have a team of experienced TN accident investigators and are willing to go a step forward for you.

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