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Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs and GPS Devices: How to know what’s Legal in IDAHO

Idaho law, Idaho Code § 18-6702, requires the consent of at least one party to legally record an in-person or telephone conversation. Idaho’s video voyeurism law prohibits the installation of any devices capable of recording, storing, or transmitting visual images to secretly view, broadcast or record a person, without that person’s knowledge and consent in an area where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Idaho Code Ann. § 18-6609(2).

Why you May Need the IDAHO Bug Sweep Service?

If you live in the state of IDAHO and are suspicious of hidden cameras. Especially for hidden cameras that also record or transmit audio. Also, if the hidden camera is placed in a location where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bedroom or a bathroom or record conversations that the installer of the device or not party to.

As regards the use of GPS trackers, trespassing to place a GPS device on a vehicle or placing a GPS device on a vehicle when they are not the rightful owner of the vehicle, may constitute a violation of the law. Ham Investigations offers our customers the following types of Bug Sweeps:

IDAHO Residential Bug Sweep Service – We locate all types of hidden cameras, listening devices, electronic transmitters, electronic audio storage, Wi-Fi connected devices within your home. Let us assist you in protecting you and your family’s privacy and give you back your peace of mind.

IDAHO Business Bug Sweep Service – Our technicians can identify and locate all types of hidden bugging and monitoring devices whether they are turned on or off. From Executive offices to conference rooms and open bay spaces along with changing rooms and restrooms. Let us help you protect your employees and customers.

IDAHO Telephone and Wiretap Bug Sweep Service – The professionals at Ham Investigations are able to identify phone devices that have been compromised and are being monitored surreptitiously. Whether the phones are standard desktop phones, VoIP or PoE, we can discover if these devices are safe to talk around. In addition, our team can also check Fax/Copiers along with all the connected wiring associated with these devices.

IDAHO GPS Bug Sweep Service – Whether a GPS tracker has been placed on your personal effects, your vehicle, aircraft or watercraft, our technicians can locate these devices and assist you in discovering who placed them.



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    Common Reasons IDAHO Residents and Businesses are being spied upon

    • Being involved in a contentious divorce;
    • Being involved in a child custody fight;
    • Being involved in a civil lawsuit such as personal injury or workers’ compensation;
    • Owning a business and competitors want to learn your trade secrets (and, no, you don’t need to own a million- or billion-dollar business for this to happen to you);
    • Owning a business and you have a current or former employee who are being paid to spy on you (corporate espionage) or who want to try to get you into legal trouble;
    • Currently or formerly being involved in a relationship with someone who was jealous, possessive, or abusive.

    Evidence of Possible Bug Installations in your Home or Office

    • Unexpected dust or ceiling debris on the floor, a desk, or the surface of other furniture;
    • New decorative items in the room you know you didn’t put in the room, such as a vase or even a new piece of art on the wall;
    • Wall plates and outlet covers that were once straight are now crooked;
    • You turn out the lights and see a small red light;
    • You see new scratches on your wall, ceiling, or furniture
    • Someone always shows up where you’re at although you never told them where you were going.

    Who needs an IDAHO Bug Sweep Service?

    You do. If you think that someone is or has been spying on you, don’t tell anyone. Try to stick to your normal routine. Ham Investigations utilizes state of the art equipment to locate all types of bugging devices. If you have located a device you suspect is a bug, DO NOT REMOVE IT! Get to a safe location and call Ham Investigations immediately at



    Our Technicians are trained in the proper ways to document and collect these devices in a forensic manner and assist our clients as they interact with law enforcement. Allow Ham Investigations to help you regain your security and peace of mind so you can have more time to enjoy some of the following things that IDAHO has to offer.

    Idaho Bug Sweeps
    Idaho Bug Sweeps

    Top places everyone should visit in IDAHO:

    • Sun Valley Resort – Sun Valley in southern Idaho attracts skiing enthusiasts from all over with its magnificent facilities for winter sports and its excellent tourist infrastructure. Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain offer downhill skiing for all levels of ability. Thirteen chairlifts, including a gondola, service the 2,000 acres of skiable terrain at Sun Valley Resort, including 65 named runs.
    • Craters of the Moon National Monument – South of Arco, in southeastern Idaho, is a lunar-like landscape created by volcanic eruptions between 15,000 and 2,000 years ago. This region of lava flows can be explored on signposted circular routes. Although it has not erupted in the last two millennia, this area is still geologically active. Detailed information and exhibits regarding the landscape are at the park’s visitor center.
    • Sawtooth National Recreation Area – The Sawtooth National Recreation Area consists of 756,000 wildland acres within the Sawtooth National Forest of central Idaho. The National Recreation Area provides more than 700 miles of hiking and equestrian trails40 peaks rising over 10,000 feet, and enough alpine lakes to visit a new one nearly every day of the year.
    • Lake Coeur d’Alene – Steamboat traffic began on Lake Coeur d’Alene in 1889, when local lakes and rivers were used to move supplies to mining and lumber camps. The lake itself was created well before then, and its creation can be geologically traced back to glacial deposits from the last Ice Age.
    • Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area – Located within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest of northern Idaho, Hell’s Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America. It has been carved out by the Wild and Scenic Snake River for a distance of 95 miles along the border with Washington and Oregon.

    Mr. Thomas Ham, owner of Spy Catchers LLC and Ham Investigations was in News recently for :

    How to spot hidden cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room with your phone

    Ham Investigations professional technical surveillance countermeasures company, works with people to help track hidden devices, such as surveillance cameras.

    Experts, including Mr. Ham, say the camera lenses will reflect a blue or red color when hit with a light.

    The typical areas you should search for any hidden cameras include devices like an alarm clock, smoke detector or shower head. To Read More you can visit

    You can also find visit our post regarding How to find hidden cameras and devices with your mobile phone.

    Ham Investigations Provides Services like Bug Sweeps for Hidden Cameras nationwide including but not limited to :


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    We Provide IDAHO Bug Sweeps for hidden cameras and hidden devices in the following counties:

    IDAHO Counties:

    Alexander County also Boone County
    Carroll County as well as Christian County
    Clinton County also Crawford County
    DeWitt County also Edgar County
    Fayette County also Fulton County
    Grundy County
    Hardin County
    Iroquois County
    Jefferson County
    Johnson County
    Kendall County
    LaSalle County
    Livingston County
    Macoupin County
    Marshall County
    McDonough County also Menard County
    Montgomery County also Ogle County
    Piatt County also Pulaski County
    Richland County also Sangamon County
    Shelby County also St.Clair County
    Wabash County also Wayne County
    Will County as well as Woodford County

    Additional ID Counties:

    Brown County as well as Bureau County
    Cass County also Clark County
    Coles County also Cumberland County
    Douglas County also Edwards County
    Ford County also Gallatin County
    Hamilton County
    Henderson County
    Jackson County
    Jersey County
    Kane County
    Knox County
    Lawrence County
    Logan County
    Madison County
    Mason County
    McHenry County
    Mercer County
    Morgan County also Perry County
    Pike County also Putnam County
    Rock Island County also Schuyler County
    Stark County also Tazewell County
    Warren County also White County
    Williamson County as well as Vermilion County

    Additional ID Counties:

    Bond County as well as Calhoun County
    Champaign County also Clay County
    Cook County also DeKalb County
    DuPage County also Effingham County
    Franklin County also Greene County
    Hancock County
    Henry County
    Jasper County
    JoDaviess County
    Kankakee County
    Lake County
    Lee County
    Macon County
    Marion County
    Massac County
    McLean County
    Monroe County also Moultrie County
    Peoria County also Pope County
    Randolph County also Saline County
    Scott County also Stephenson County
    Union County also Washington County
    Whiteside County as well as Winnebago County