Ham Investigations FAQs about Bug Sweeps

The following is an abbreviated list of the most popular Ham Investigations FAQs:

Q: I am being watched, listened to or followed, what should I do?

A: Always ensure your safety first. Once you are safe, consider the following:

  1. Use secure communication methods to contact a professional TSCM company, like TN Bug Sweeps, that specialize in counter surveillance detection.
  2. Do not try to conduct an inspection yourself, or to use available high street equipment. Inferior equipment and knowledge will not detect bugs, eavesdropping devices, telephone and wire taps, keystroke loggers or surveillance devices.

Q: What are the warning signs that I am bugged?

A: While this is not a complete list, the following are some of the most common:

  1. Third parties and seemingly non connected persons know your private business and/or activities.
  2. Business quotes on specific jobs that match or are “suspiciously” close to yours.
  3. Persons “mysteriously” showing up wherever you go, even on unplanned or unexpected outings.

Q: Where do people hide bugs?

A: Likely places consist of homes, offices and phones. This could include public places, cars, corporate apartments, break rooms, etc.

Q: Why do I need a TSCM (bug sweeping) company vs. just a private investigator?

A: There is an old saying: “You get what you pay for”. While this is not always accurate, in the world of professional TSCM companies, it usually is. Most private investigators utilize “off the shelf” detectors purchased from an online spy shop. This makes them them ill-equipped to perform the job at hand. As a result, they do not have the training or the sophisticated and expensive equipment needed to properly conduct a sweep. Hence, for a sweep to have a chance at locating a device, the equipment and up to date training are required.

Q: What can I expect from a professional TSCM Bug Sweeping Company?

A: At a bare minimum, a professional TSCM company should provide the following:

  1. Risk Assessment prior to commencement of any sweep.
  2. Discretion about your job and transparency about their training and equipment.
  3. Professional counter surveillance equipment like the OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer from Research Electronics International.

OSCOR Green Ham Investigations FAQs

Most of all, a professional should provide a comprehensive written report detailing the sweep. Especially relevant will be the security recommendations.

Q: What can I expect to pay for a professional TSCM inspection?

A: The cost of a professional sweep varies with each job. Furthermore, a variety of factors effect price.

Q: How long will it take for a TSCM sweep?

A: Due to each sweep being unique and based on the individual needs of each client and location. Consequently, it depends upon the area & the size of the place and the number of items to be analyzed or scanned.

Q: How much unauthorized eavesdropping and surveillance actually occurs?

A: Seems like, there is an epidemic sweeping the nation. Consequently, daily articles in the news report residential, corporate and entertainment based spying. Therefore, no one is immune to this crime.

Q: I think I have discovered a surveillance device: what should I do?

A: Each client will need to decide what works best for them, however, our recommendations are as follows:

  4. DO SECURE THE AREA AND CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL TSCM COMPANY, LIKE Ham Investigations from a safe and secure location to discuss further options.

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