Ham Investigations provides professional TSCM Bug Sweeps services for residential and business bug sweeps Nationwide. Moreover, Ham Investigations is also licensed in North Carolina to conduct Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) inspections where a TSCM license is required by law. Also, We provide professional bug sweeps to individuals and corporations nationwide. Our firm utilizes only professionally trained TSCM technicians for your Bug Sweep needs. Whether your need is for Residential Bug Sweeps, Business Bug Sweeps or other Specialty Bug Sweeps, Ham Investigations is ready to help you protect your privacy and get back your peace of mind.

Ham Investigations Bug Sweeps provides services in every city and in every State. Therefore, We are able to initiate Bug Sweeps quickly and keep costs low for clients living anywhere nationwide. Our areas of expertise include but not limited:

  1. TSCM Bug Sweeps
  2. Residential Bug Sweeps
  3. Business Bug Sweeps
  4. Telephone Bug Sweeps
  5. GPS Bug Sweeps
  6. Hidden Camera Bug Sweeps and so much more
  7. Privacy Policy

Our professionals at Ham investigation Bug Sweeps utilize state of the art, professional grade TSCM equipment combined with cutting edge technology to help protect your privacy and restore your peace of mind.

Furthermore, Ham Investigations Bug Sweeps provides a variety of other TSCM Bug Sweep services. Contact our office to speak to one of our Licensed TSCM Bug Sweep technicians about your specific needs. The call and the consultation are always free.


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Meet Our Team of Professional Investigators

Thomas Ham, Licensed Electronics Countermeasures Technician

Mr. Ham is the owner and lead TSCM technician of Ham Investigations and Spy Catchers LLC. Mr. Ham has over 30 years of combined investigative and TSCM Bug Sweeps experience. While a police officer with the Knoxville Police Department, Mr. Ham was promoted to Detective where he conducted investigations involving drugs, homicides, missing persons, and juvenile cases.

In addition, he received specialized training and certification in child abuse and sexual exploitation cases. He was also the lead investigator for the Serious Habitual Offender Program where he worked with multiple jurisdictions and agencies. During his career in law enforcement, Mr. Ham received many distinguished awards including the Medal of Merit.

Thomas Ham

Mr. Ham began his company with the goal of providing honest, affordable, and Professional TSCM inspections for individuals, attorneys and businesses. Mr. Ham has worked tirelessly to gather a team of professional TSCM technicians that provide exceptional service to government, business, and private individuals. Mr. Ham and his team maintain the highest levels of training and equipment in the industry to provide his clients the best possible outcomes for their specific needs. Mr. Ham and Ham investigations no longer offers any type of Private Investigative services. Mr. Ham and his team transitioned his entire company to focus solely on TSCM in an effort to provide only the best in training, equipment, expertise, and attention to detail for each and every TSCM client.


Mr. Ham serves as the lead Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) technician. Mr. Ham performs Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Sweeps across the Nation. These are commonly referred to as “Debugging” or “Bug Sweeps“. Mr. Ham utilizes highly specialized equipment along with years of training and experience to conduct these Sweeps. His team of TSCM professionals locate hidden camerasaudio recordersphone wiretapsGPS trackers and sources of Electronic Harassment.

Mr. Ham is a United States Navy Veteran where he specialized in advanced electronics for weapons guidance systems. Since that time, Mr. Ham served as a Police Officer and Detective in Tennessee. Since then, he has owned and operated a full service investigative company for over 22 years. Furthermore, Mr. Ham is a Licensed Electronic Countermeasures Technician trained by Research Electronics International and the World Institute of Security Enhancement.

Mr. Ham continued his education in the field including becoming licensed in North Carolina as a ECM specialist for TSCM. North Carolina is one of only a few states that specifically requires a professional license for someone to offer services in the field of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Any individual in the state of North Carolina that provides TSCM services without a North Carolina license does so in violation of the law. North Carolina requires a strict educational element along with proven work experience and an extensive background check prior to issuance of a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures license.


Mr. Ham is a lifetime member of the Association of Old Crows (AOC). This global organization consists of individuals who have a common interest in Electronic Warfare. Meet the rest of our team.

Kristal Ham

Kristal Ham, B.S., TSCM

Mrs. Ham has served as a licensed private investigator and TSCM Technician with the firm since 2008. She works as the Operations Manager of our team and is responsible for research, witness location, surveillance, site photography and case management. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies and works closely with local, state and national attorneys in case preparation, witness preparation, jury selection, and trial strategy. During her tenure at the firm, Mrs. Ham has investigated homicide cases, rape cases, unsolved homicide investigations, medical malpractice, federal drug conspiracy/trafficking cases, missing persons and DUI’s. During her tenure at the firm, Mrs. Ham has investigated homicide cases, rape cases, unsolved homicide investigations, medical malpractice, federal drug conspiracy/trafficking cases, missing persons and DUI’s.

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