Gloucester, MA Bug Sweeps

Gloucester, MA Bug Sweeps




Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs and GPS Devices: How to know what’s Legal in Gloucester, Massachusetts Bug Sweeps

Legal Definition: Massachusetts is a two-party consent state, and the law, Mass. Ann. Laws Ch. 272 , § 99, requires the consent of all parties in a conversation in order to legally record an in-person or telephone conversation. A person cannot photograph, film or use any electronic device to secretly view another person in the nude without consent in areas where the subject would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 272, § 105(b).

Why Do You Need the Bug Sweeps Services in Gloucester, Massachusetts?

If you live in the  Gloucester, MA and are suspicious of hidden cameras. Especially for hidden cameras that also record or transmit audio. Also, if the hidden camera is placed in a location where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bedroom or a bathroom or record conversations that the installer of the device is not a party to.

As regards the use of GPS trackers, trespassing to place a GPS device on a vehicle or placing a GPS device on a vehicle when they are not the rightful owner of the vehicle may constitute a violation of the law. Ham Investigations offers our customers the following types of Bug Sweeps:

Gloucester, Massachusetts  Residential Bug Sweep Service – We locate all types of hidden cameras, listening devices, electronic transmitters, electronic audio storage, Wi-Fi connected devices within your home. Let us assist you in protecting your and your family’s privacy and give you back your peace of mind.

Gloucester, Massachusetts Business Bug Sweep Service – Our technicians can identify and locate all types of hidden bugging and monitoring devices whether they are turned on or off. From Executive offices to conference rooms and open bay spaces along with changing rooms and restrooms. Let us help you protect your employees and customers.

Gloucester, Massachusetts Telephone and Wiretap Bug Sweep Service – The professionals at Ham Investigations are able to identify phone devices that have been compromised and are being monitored surreptitiously. Whether the phones are standard desktop phones, VoIP or PoE, we can discover if these devices are safe to talk around. In addition, our team can also check Fax/Copiers along with all the connected wiring associated with these devices.

Gloucester, Massachusetts  GPS Bug Sweep Service – Whether a GPS tracker has been placed on your personal effects, your vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, our technicians can locate these devices and assist you in discovering who placed them.



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    Common Reasons Gloucester, Massachusetts Residents and Businesses are being spied upon

    • Being involved in a contentious divorce;
    • Being involved in a child custody fight;
    • Being involved in a civil lawsuit such as personal injury or workers’ compensation;
    • Owning a business and competitors want to learn your trade secrets (and, no, you don’t need to own a million- or billion-dollar business for this to happen to you);
    • Owning a business and you have a current or former employee who is being paid to spy on you (corporate espionage) or who wants to try to get you into legal trouble;
    • Currently or formerly being involved in a relationship with someone who was jealous, possessive, or abusive.

    Evidence of Possible Bug Installations in your Home or Office

    • Unexpected dust or ceiling debris on the floor, a desk, or the surface of other furniture;
    • New decorative items in the room you know you didn’t put in the room, such as a vase or even a new piece of art on the wall;
    • Wall plates and outlet covers that were once straight are now crooked;
    • You turn out the lights and see a small red light;
    • You see new scratches on your wall, ceiling, or furniture
    • Someone always shows up where you’re at although you never told them where you were going.

    Who needs Bug sweeps services in Gloucester, MA?

    You do. If you think that someone is or has been spying on you, don’t tell anyone. Try to stick to your normal routine. Ham Investigations utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to locate all types of bugging devices. If you have located a device you suspect is a bug, DO NOT REMOVE IT! Get to a safe location and call Ham Investigations immediately at



    Our Technicians are trained in the proper ways to document and collect these devices in a forensic manner and assist our clients as they interact with law enforcement. Allow Ham Investigations to help you regain your security and peace of mind so you can have more time to enjoy some of the following things that Gloucester, Massachusetts has to offer.

    Gloucester, MA Bug Sweeps

    Top places everyone should visit in Gloucester, Massachusetts:

    • Good Harbor BeachGood Harbor Beach is a compact and beautiful white sandy beach with incredible waves. The beach is clean and well-maintained, with crystal clear and cold water. It boasts silky sand, deep intermittent tide pools, and some excellent rolling concessions.
    • Wingaersheek Beach – Are you wondering what’s unique about Wingaersheek Beach? This beach has a long soft stretch of sand, great views all around, and a quaint and relaxing atmosphere. There are rocks to climb on and sand dollars everywhere. You can find a lot of lobsters and a ton of marine life.
    • Plum Cove Beach – Plum Cove Beach is best known for having the prettiest sunsets over the water. You can spend hours watching the hermit crabs here. The tide pools are great, and the rocks are covered in seaweed at low tide. The sunsets here are simply breathtaking. There is a gorgeous little area where you can take a break from daily life and spend some time with your partner while watching the sun and making art with the sky and the water.
    • Cape Ann Museum – Cape Ann Museum is a small beautiful museum with local flavor. It is well-built, clean, and well-maintained. The museum is exceptionally well-curated and focuses on the artistic heritage of the Cape Ann region.

    Mr. Thomas Ham, owner of Spy Catchers LLC and Ham Investigations was in News recently for :

    How to spot hidden cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room with your phone

    Ham Investigations professional technical surveillance countermeasures company, works with people to help track hidden devices, such as surveillance cameras.

    Experts, including Mr. Ham, say the camera lenses will reflect a blue or red color when hit with a light.

    The typical areas you should search for any hidden cameras include devices like an alarm clock, smoke detector or shower head. To Read More you can visit

    You can also find visit our post regarding How to find hidden cameras and devices with your mobile phone.

    Ham Investigations Provides Services like Bug Sweeps for Hidden Cameras nationwide including but not limited to :


    1(888) 386-6482


    We Provide Gloucester, MA Bug Sweeps for hidden cameras and hidden devices in the following Streets:

    Gloucester, MA Streets:

    Abbey Road 1930
    Abbott Road 1930
    Acacia Street 1930
    Adams Avenue 1930
    Adams Hill Road 1930
    Adams Place 1930
    Addison Street 1930
    Aiden Road 1930
    Aileen Terrace 1930
    Albion Court 1930
    Allen Street 1930
    Alpine Court 1930
    Amero Court 1930
    Ames Drive 1930
    Anchor Lane 1930
    Anderson Way 1930
    Andrews Court 1930
    Andrews Street 1930
    Angle Street 1930
    Annisquam Hts 1930
    Apple Street 1930
    Arbor Street 1930
    Arcadia Court 1930
    Arland Terrace 1930
    Arlington Street 1930
    Armstrong Way 1930
    Arnold Way 1930
    Arthur Court 1930
    Arthur Street 1930
    Ashland Place 1930
    Atlantic Avenue 1930
    Atlantic Road 1930
    Atlantic Street 1930
    Autumn Lane 1930
    Avon Court 1930
    Babson Court 1930
    Babson Street 1930
    Baker Street 1930
    Banjo Way 1930
    Banner Hill Way 1930
    Barberry Hts Road 1930
    Barberry Lane 1930
    Barberry Way 1930
    Barker Avenue 1930
    Barn Lane 1930
    Bass Avenue 1930
    Bass Rocks Road 1930
    Bayberry Lane 1930
    Bayfield Road 1930
    Bayle Lane 1930
    Bayview Lane 1930
    Beach Court 1930
    Beach Road 1930
    Beachcroft Road 1930
    Beachland Avenue 1930
    Beachmont Avenue 1930
    Beacon Hill 1930
    Beacon Street 1930
    Beauport Avenue 1930
    Becker Circle 1930
    Becker Lane 1930
    Beckford Street 1930
    Bellevue Avenue 1930
    Bemo Avenue 1930
    Bennett Street N 1930
    Bennett Street S 1930
    Bertoni Road 1930
    Bianchini Road 1930
    Bickford Way 1930
    Birch Grove Hts 1930
    Biskie Head Pt 1930
    Bittersweet Road 1930
    Blackburn Center 1930
    Blake Court 1930
    Blossom Lane 1930
    Blueberry Lane 1930
    Blynman Avenue 1930
    Bond Street 1930
    Boulder Avenue 1930
    Boynton Is 1930
    Brace Cove 1930
    Bradford Road 1930
    Bray Street 1930
    Breezy Point Road 1930
    Brewsters Lane 1930
    Bridgewater Street 1930
    Brier Neck Avenue 1930
    Brier Neck Road 1930
    Brier Road 1930
    Brierwood Court 1930
    Brierwood Street 1930
    Brightside Avenue 1930
    Brookfield Drive 1930
    Brooks Lane 1930
    Brooks Road 1930
    Bungalow Road 1930
    Burnham Street 1930
    Burns Way 1930
    Butler Avenue 1930
    Butman Avenue 1930
    Butternut Lane 1930
    Cabo Drive 1930
    Cabot Lane 1930
    Calder Street 1930
    Caledonia Place 1930
    Cambridge Avenue 1930
    Cape Terrace 1930
    Cardinal Lane 1930
    Carlisle Street 1930
    Carrie Lane 1930
    Carrigan Court 1930
    Cart Track Drive 1930
    Carter Hill Road 1930
    Castle Hill Road 1930
    Castle View Drive 1930
    Causeway Street 1930
    Cedar Lane 1930
    Cedar Street 1930
    Cedarwood Road 1930
    Centennial Avenue 1930
    Center Street 1930
    Chapel Street 1930
    Chateau Hts 1930
    Cherry Hill Road 1930
    Cherry Street 1930
    Chester Square 1930
    Chestnut Street 1930
    Chickadee Road 1930
    Church Street 1930
    Ciaramitaro Court 1930
    Clarendon Street 1930
    Clay Court 1930
    Clearview Avenue 1930
    Cleveland Place 1930
    Cleveland Street 1930
    Cliff Avenue 1930
    Cliff Road 1930
    Clifford Court 1930
    Clover Lane 1930
    Cobblestone Lane 1930
    Coggeshall Road 1930
    Colburn Street 1930
    Cole Avenue 1930
    Coles Island Road 1930
    Collins Avenue 1930
    Colonial Street 1930
    Columbia Street 1930
    Commercial Street 1930
    Common Way 1930
    Commonwealth Avenue 1930
    Compass Way 1930
    Conant Avenue 1930
    Concord Street 1930
    Cononicus Road 1930
    Corliss Avenue 1930
    Costa Drive 1930
    Cottage Lane 1930
    Cove Ledge Lane 1930
    Cove Way 1930
    Crafts Road 1930
    Crane Way 1930
    Crestview Terrace 1930
    Cross Street 1930
    Crowell Avenue 1930
    Cunningham Road 1930
    Curlew Court 1930
    Curtis Square 1930
    Cushing Lane 1930
    Dale Avenue 1930
    Dalton Avenue 1930
    Daniel Roy Road 1930
    Davis Street 1930
    Davis Street Exn 1930
    Day Avenue 1930
    Day Court 1930
    Days Avenue 1930
    Decatur Street 1930
    Dennis Court 1930
    Dennison Street 1930

    Additional Gloucester, MA Streets:

    Derby Court 1930
    Derby Street 1930
    Dexter Place 1930
    Diamond Avenue 1930
    Digby Lane 1930
    Doanne Road 1930
    Dodge Street 1930
    Dogtown Road 1930
    Dolliver Neck Road 1930
    Dorset Drive 1930
    Dory Road 1930
    Dove Lane 1930
    Dr Osman Babson Road 1930
    Driftwood Lane 1930
    Drumhack Road 1930
    Dublin Lane 1930
    Duley Street 1930
    Duncan Street 1930
    Dune Circle 1930
    Dune Lane 1930
    E Main Street 1930
    Eagle Road 1930
    Eastern Avenue 1930
    Eastern Point Blvd W 1930
    Eastern Point Road 1930
    Echo Avenue 1930
    Eden Lane 1930
    Edgemoor Road 1930
    Edgewood Road 1930
    Edmunds Way 1930
    Elizabeth Road 1930
    Ellery Street 1930
    Elm Avenue 1930
    Elm Street 1930
    Elmo Lane 1930
    Elva Road 1930
    Elwell Street 1930
    Emerald Street 1930
    Emerson Avenue 1930
    Emily Lane 1930
    Englewood Road 1930
    Esperanto Avenue 1930
    Essex Avenue 1930
    Essex Street 1930
    Eveleth Road 1930
    Evergreen Road 1930
    Exchange Street 1930
    Fair Street 1930
    Fairmount Road 1930
    Farrington Avenue 1930
    Fears Court 1930
    Federal Street 1930
    Fenley Road 1930
    Fernald Street 1930
    Ferncliff Hts 1930
    Fernwood Hts 1930
    Fernwood Lake Avenue 1930
    Ferry Hill Road 1930
    Ferry Lane 1930
    Ferry Street 1930
    Ferry Street S 1930
    Field Road 1930
    Finch Lane 1930
    Fisherman Way 1930
    Flannagan Square 1930
    Fleetwood Drive 1930
    Fleming Way 1930
    Flume Road 1930
    Foley Road 1930
    Folly Point Road 1930
    Forest Lane 1930
    Forest Street 1930
    Fort Hill Avenue 1930
    Fort Square 1930
    Foster Street 1930
    Franklin Square 1930
    Fremont Street 1930
    Friend Court 1930
    Friend Street 1930
    Fuller Lane 1930
    Fuller Street 1930
    Gaffney Street 1930
    Gale Road 1930
    Gardner Terrace 1930
    Gee Avenue 1930
    Gerring Road 1930
    Gibbs Hill Drive 1930
    Gibbs Hill Road 1930
    Gilbert Court 1930
    Gilbert Road 1930
    Gilson Way 1930
    Glenmere Avenue 1930
    Glenmere Way 1930
    Gloucester Avenue 1930
    Gloucester Place 1930
    Goodwin Road 1930
    Goose Cove Lane 1930
    Gould Court 1930
    Grandview Road 1930
    Granite Court 1930
    Granite Street 1930
    Grapevine Road 1930
    Graystone Road 1930
    Great Hill Road 1930
    Great Ledge Lane 1930
    Green Street 1930
    Grove Street 1930
    Gull Lane 1930
    Gurdon’s Lane 1930
    Hammond Street 1930
    Hampden Street 1930
    Hancock Street 1930
    Harbor Hts 1930
    Harbor Loop 1930
    Harbor Road 1930
    Harbor View Court 1930
    Harold Avenue 1930
    Harold Court 1930
    Harraden Circle 1930
    Harriett Road 1930
    Harrison Avenue 1930
    Harrison Terrace 1930
    Hartz Street 1930
    Harvard Street 1930
    Harvey Place 1930
    Haskell Court 1930
    Haskell Street 1930
    Haven Terrace 1930
    Hawthorne Lane 1930
    Hawthorne Road 1930
    Hayward Road 1930
    Heath Hts 1930
    Heights at Cape Ann 1930
    Herrick Court 1930
    Hesperus Avenue 1930
    Hesperus Circle 1930
    Hickory Street 1930
    Hidden Way 1930
    High Popples Road 1930
    High Rock Terrace 1930
    High Street 1930
    High Street Place 1930
    Highland Court 1930
    Highland Place 1930
    Highland Street 1930
    Hill Top Road 1930
    Hillier Road 1930
    Hills Road 1930
    Hillside Court 1930
    Hillside Road 1930
    Hinckley Road 1930
    Hodgkins Street 1930
    Holly Street 1930
    Homans Court 1930
    Homestead Drive 1930
    Honeysuckle Road 1930
    Horton Street 1930
    Hough Avenue 1930
    Hovey Street 1930
    Howard Road 1930
    Hudson Road 1930
    Hunter Road 1930
    Hutchins Court 1930
    Island Rock Lane 1930
    Ivy Court 1930
    Jacques Lane 1930
    Jebeka Lane 1930
    Jerjean Circle 1930
    Joppa Way 1930
    Josephs Way 1930
    Julian Road 1930
    Julie Court 1930
    Juniper Road 1930
    Kent Road 1930
    Keystone Road 1930
    King Philip Road 1930
    King Road 1930
    Kirk Road 1930
    Knowlton Square 1930

    Additional Gloucester, MA Streets:

    Kondelin Road 1930
    Lake Avenue 1930
    Lake Road 1930
    Landing Road 1930
    Lands End Lane 1930
    Lane Road 1930
    Lanes Cove Road 1930
    Langsford Street 1930
    Langsford Way 1930
    Lantern Lane 1930
    Larady Road 1930
    Larose Avenue 1930
    Lasley Place 1930
    Laurel Street 1930
    Lawndale Circle 1930
    Lawrence Court 1930
    Lawrence Mountain Road 1930
    Le Page Lane 1930
    Leaman Drive 1930
    Ledge Lane 1930
    Ledge Road 1930
    Ledgemont Avenue 1930
    Leighton Court 1930
    Lendall Street 1930
    Leonard Street 1930
    Leslie O Johnson Road 1930
    Leverett Lane 1930
    Leverett Street 1930
    Lewis Court 1930
    Lexington Avenue 1930
    Liberty Street 1930
    Lighthouse Way 1930
    Lily Road 1930
    Lincoln Avenue 1930
    Lincoln Park 1930
    Lincoln Street 1930
    Lindberg Drive 1930
    Linden Avenue 1930
    Linden Road 1930
    Links Road 1930
    Linnett Place 1930
    Linwood Place 1930
    Lisa Drive 1930
    Lloyd Street 1930
    Lobster Lane 1930
    Locust Lane 1930
    Loma Drive 1930
    Long Beach Road 1930
    Long Hill Road 1930
    Longview Road 1930
    Longview Terrace 1930
    Lookout Road 1930
    Lookout Street 1930
    Loring Court 1930
    Lowe Drive 1930
    Luzitania Avenue 1930
    Lyndale Avenue 1930
    Lynwood Avenue 1930
    Macomber Road 1930
    Madison Avenue 1930
    Madison Court 1930
    Madison Ct Exd 1930
    Madison Square 1930
    Magnolia Avenue 1930
    Main Street 1930
    Mako Drive 1930
    Malcolm Road 1930
    Mallard Way 1930
    Mansfield Court 1930
    Mansfield Street 1930
    Maple Road 1930
    Maple Street 1930
    Maplewood Avenue 1930
    Maplewood Court 1930
    Marble Road 1930
    Marble Street 1930
    Marchant Street 1930
    Marina Drive 1930
    Marion Way 1930
    Marsh Street 1930
    Marshfield Street 1930
    Mason Court 1930
    Mason Square 1930
    Mason Street 1930
    Massasoit Road 1930
    Mathieu Hill Road 1930
    Maura Way 1930
    Mayflower Lane 1930
    McLellan Street 1930
    Meadow Lane 1930
    Mechanics Place 1930
    Megan Way 1930
    Michaels Lane 1930
    Middle Street 1930
    Millett Street 1930
    Milne Way 1930
    Miriam Avenue 1930
    Mollies Lane 1930
    Mondello Square 1930
    Monroe Court 1930
    Montgomery Court 1930
    Montgomery Place 1930
    Montvale Avenue 1930
    Moorland Road 1930
    Morgan Avenue 1930
    Morton Place 1930
    Mount Locust Place 1930
    Mount Pleasant Avenue 1930
    Mount Pleasant Way 1930
    Mount Vernon Street 1930
    Mt Ann Road 1930
    Mt Vernon Street 1930
    Munsey Lane 1930
    Mussell Point Road 1930
    Mussell Point Way 1930
    Myrtle Square 1930
    Mystic Avenue 1930
    N Kilby Street 1930
    N Landing Way 1930
    Naiomi Drive 1930
    Nally Avenue 1930
    Nashua Avenue 1930
    Nautical Hts 1930
    Nautilus Road 1930
    Neptune Place 1930
    New Way Lane 1930
    Newton Road 1930
    Nikolane Way 1930
    Niles Pond Road 1930
    Norman Avenue 1930
    Norrock Road 1930
    Norseman Avenue 1930
    Norwood Court 1930
    Norwood Hts 1930
    Oak Street 1930
    Oakes Avenue 1930
    Ocean Avenue 1930
    Ocean Highlands 1930
    Ocean View Drive 1930
    Old Bray Street 1930
    Old County Road 1930
    Old Farm Lane 1930
    Old Ford Road 1930
    Old Nugent Farm Road 1930
    Old Salem Path 1930
    Old Salem Road 1930
    Orchard Road 1930
    Orchard Street 1930
    Orchard Way 1930
    Overlook Avenue 1930
    Oxford Road 1930
    Page Street 1930
    Palfrey Road 1930
    Park Lane 1930
    Parker Court 1930
    Parker Street 1930
    Parkhurst Avenue 1930
    Parsons Street 1930
    Pascucci Court 1930
    Patriots Circle 1930
    Pearl Street 1930
    Pebble Path 1930
    Perkins Peak 1930
    Perkins Road 1930
    Perkins Street 1930
    Perrywinkle Lane 1930
    Pew Avenue 1930
    Pierce Avenue 1930
    Pigeon Lane 1930
    Pilots Hill 1930
    Pine Road 1930
    Pine Street 1930
    Pinecrest Avenue 1930
    Piraino Lane 1930
    Pirates Lane 1930
    Planters Neck Road 1930
    Pleasant Street 1930
    Plover Way 1930