Attleboro,MA Bug Sweeps

Attleboro, MA Bug Sweeps




Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs and GPS Devices: How to know what’s Legal in Attleboro,Massachusetts Bug Sweeps

Legal Definition: Massachusetts is a two-party consent state, and the law, Mass. Ann. Laws ch. 272 , § 99, requires the consent of all parties in a conversation in order to legally record an in-person or telephone conversation. A person cannot photograph, film or use any electronic device to secretly view another person in the nude without consent in areas where the subject would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 272, § 105(b).

Why do you May Need the Attleboro,Massachusetts Bug Sweep Service?

If you live in the state of Attleboro,Massachusetts and are suspicious of hidden cameras. Especially for hidden cameras that also record or transmit audio. Also, if the hidden camera is placed in a location where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bedroom or a bathroom or record conversations that the installer of the device or not party to.

As regards the use of GPS trackers, trespassing to place a GPS device on a vehicle or placing a GPS device on a vehicle when they are not the rightful owner of the vehicle may constitute a violation of the law. Ham Investigations offers our customers the following types of Bug Sweeps:

Attleboro,Massachusetts Residential Bug Sweep Service – We locate all types of hidden cameras, listening devices, electronic transmitters, electronic audio storage, Wi-Fi connected devices within your home. Let us assist you in protecting your and your family’s privacy and give you back your peace of mind.

Attleboro,Massachusetts Business Bug Sweep Service – Our technicians can identify and locate all types of hidden bugging and monitoring devices whether they are turned on or off. From Executive offices to conference rooms and open bay spaces along with changing rooms and restrooms. Let us help you protect your employees and customers.

Attleboro,Massachusetts Telephone and Wiretap Bug Sweep Service – The professionals at Ham Investigations are able to identify phone devices that have been compromised and are being monitored surreptitiously. Whether the phones are standard desktop phones, VoIP or PoE, we can discover if these devices are safe to talk around. In addition, our team can also check Fax/Copiers along with all the connected wiring associated with these devices.

Attleboro,Massachusetts GPS Bug Sweep Service – Whether a GPS tracker has been placed on your personal effects, your vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, our technicians can locate these devices and assist you in discovering who placed them.



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    Common Reasons Attleboro,Massachusetts Residents and Businesses are being spied upon

    • Being involved in a contentious divorce;
    • Being involved in a child custody fight;
    • Being involved in a civil lawsuit such as personal injury or workers’ compensation;
    • Owning a business and competitors want to learn your trade secrets (and, no, you don’t need to own a million- or billion-dollar business for this to happen to you);
    • Owning a business and you have a current or former employee who is being paid to spy on you (corporate espionage) or who wants to try to get you into legal trouble;
    • Currently or formerly being involved in a relationship with someone who was jealous, possessive, or abusive.

    Evidence of Possible Bug Installations in your Home or Office

    • Unexpected dust or ceiling debris on the floor, a desk, or the surface of other furniture;
    • New decorative items in the room you know you didn’t put in the room, such as a vase or even a new piece of art on the wall;
    • Wall plates and outlet covers that were once straight are now crooked;
    • You turn out the lights and see a small red light;
    • You see new scratches on your wall, ceiling, or furniture
    • Someone always shows up where you’re at although you never told them where you were going.

    Who needs a Attleboro,Massachusetts Bug Sweep Service?

    You do. If you think that someone is or has been spying on you, don’t tell anyone. Try to stick to your normal routine. Ham Investigations utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to locate all types of bugging devices. If you have located a device you suspect is a bug, DO NOT REMOVE IT! Get to a safe location and call Ham Investigations immediately at



    Our Technicians are trained in the proper ways to document and collect these devices in a forensic manner and assist our clients as they interact with law enforcement. Allow Ham Investigations to help you regain your security and peace of mind so you can have more time to enjoy some of the following things that Attleboro,Massachusetts has to offer.

    Attleboro, MA Bug Sweeps

    Top places everyone should visit in Attleboro,Massachusetts:

    • Capron Park Zoo  Capron Park Zoo is one of Attleboro’s most popular attractions, which is great to visit with the kids who’re guaranteed to love this place.The eight-acre zoo opened in 1937 in Capron Park, in the heart of Attleboro.Since its founding, numerous buildings, facilities, and exhibits have been added here, including indoor exhibits for rainforest species and an innovative building for nocturnal animals.
    • Attleboro Arts Museum–In 1994, it was moved into its current spacious building in Downtown Attleboro across from City Hall on Park Street.It boasts 3,500 square feet of gallery space showcasing expertly curated exhibitions refreshed continually and works of promising and professional artists.
    • Work Museum–The Women at Work Museum entertains and inspires you with everything inside its spaces.Located on County Street, there’s something to find here, such as art, music, dance, photographs, and interactive activities.You can view exhibits like Career Exploration Day, which presents a wall of professional women’s information with a recording of their professional careers.
    • Attleboro Community Theatre Founded in 1957 by Hilda Freeman, Attleboro Community Theatre offers affordable, and quality live theater.Don’t miss the chance to enjoy watching their spectacular shows with family and friends!Some of the plays this community theater has showcased were “13 Past Midnight,” “The Nerd,” and “The Man Who Came to Dinner.”

    Mr. Thomas Ham, owner of Spy Catchers LLC and Ham Investigations LLC was in News recently for :

    How to spot hidden cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room with your phone

    Ham Investigations professional technical surveillance countermeasures company, works with people to help track hidden devices, such as surveillance cameras.

    Experts, including Ham, say the camera lenses will reflect a blue or red color when hit with a light.

    The typical areas you should search for any hidden cameras include devices like an alarm clock, smoke detector or shower head. To Read More you can visit

    You can also find visit our post regarding How to find hidden cameras and devices with your mobile phone.

    Ham Investigations Provides Services like Bug Sweeps for Hidden Cameras nationwide including but not limited to :


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    We Provide Attleboro,Massachusetts Bug Sweeps for hidden cameras and hidden devices in the following :

    Attleboro,MA Streets:

    12th Street 2703
    13th Street 2703
    14th Street 2703
    1st Street 2703
    2nd Street 2703
    3rd Street 2703
    4th Street 2703
    5th Street 2703
    6th Street 2703
    Abbie Lane 2703
    Abbott Road 2703
    Adams Road 2703
    Adamsdale Avenue 2703
    Adamsdale Road 2703
    Adelray Lane 2703
    Agawam Road 2703
    Alcott Street 2703
    Alder Street 2703
    Alex 2703
    Alfred Street 2703
    Allen Avenue 2703
    Allen Street 2703
    Allenson Street 2703
    Althea Street 2703
    Alvin Street 2703
    Amber Lane 2703
    Anderson Avenue 2703
    Andover Avenue 2703
    Angeline Street 2703
    Angell Street 2703
    Annex Drive 2703
    Anselm Way 2703
    Arnold Street 2703
    Arrowood Lane 2703
    Ashford Lane 2703
    Ashton Road 2703
    Aster Lane 2703
    Atlantic Avenue 2703
    Atwood Street 2703
    Augsburg Drive 2703
    Austin Drive 2703
    Autumn Lane 2703
    Bacon Street 2703
    Baker Street 2703
    Balena Road 2703
    Baltic Street 2703
    Bambury Lane 2703
    Bank Street 2703
    Bank Street Exd 2703
    Barrows Street 2703
    Bauer Way 2703
    Bayberry Hill Road 2703
    Beacon Street 2703
    Beagle Club Road 2703
    Bearcourt Drive 2703
    Beech Street 2703
    Belair Avenue 2703
    Beland Avenue 2703
    Bellevue Avenue 2703
    Belmore Street 2703
    Benefit Street 2703
    Benjamin Drive 2703
    Benner Place 2703
    Benson Drive 2703
    Bernardo Street 2703
    Berndt Drive 2703
    Berwick Road 2703
    Beverly Circle 2703
    Bicknell Street 2703
    Biltmore Street 2703
    Birch Street 2703
    Bishop Avenue 2703
    Bishop Street 2703
    Bittersweet Lane 2703
    Black Oak Drive 2703
    Blackbourn Road 2703
    Blackington Drive 2703
    Blackstone Road 2703
    Bliss Avenue 2703
    Blue Heron Drive 2703
    Blue Jay Way 2703
    Boardman Lane 2703
    Bonneau Avenue 2703
    Booth Street 2703
    Boston Street 2703
    Bourne Avenue 2703
    Bradford Street 2703
    Brae Road 2703
    Branch Avenue 2703
    Brander 2703
    Brander Road 2703
    Bretton Woods Drive 2703

    Additional Attleboro,MA Streets:

    Briarwood Drive 2703
    Bridge Street 2703
    Bridget Way 2703
    Brigham Hill Road 2703
    Bristol Street 2703
    Brochu Drive 2703
    Brook Haven Drive 2703
    Brook Street 2703
    Brookside Drive 2703
    Brookwood Road 2703
    Brown Street 2703
    Brownell Street 2703
    Brushwood Lane 2703
    Buena Vista Avenue 2703
    Buffington Street 2703
    Burgess Street 2703
    Burt Street 2703
    Bushee Street 2703
    Butterworth Drive 2703
    Buttonwood Terrace 2703
    Byron Street 2703
    Calvin Street 2703
    Cambridge Street 2703
    Camelot Lane 2703
    Camp Street 2703
    Campus Road 2703
    Canadian Geese Road 2703
    Candleberry Lane 2703
    Capron Street 2703
    Captain Courtois Drive 2703
    Carl Jordan Drive 2703
    Carleton Street 2703
    Carlon Street 2703
    Carmen Avenue 2703
    Carnegie Way 2703
    Carpenter Avenue 2703
    Carpenter Street 2703
    Carrier Avenue 2703
    Case Drive 2703
    Casey Way 2703
    Castle Road 2703
    Cathedral Drive 2703
    Catherine Drive 2703
    Cedar Creek Drive 2703
    Cedar Street 2703
    Central Avenue 2703
    Central Street 2703
    Chapel Hill Drive 2703
    Chapel Hill Lane 2703
    Charles Street 2703
    Chartier Street 2703
    Chartley Brook Lane 2703
    Cherry Street 2703
    Chesett Lane 2703
    Chester Avenue 2703
    Chester Street 2703
    Chestnut Street 2703
    Choate Street 2703
    Christopher Drive 2703
    Church Street 2703
    Claflin Street 2703
    Claire Drive 2703
    Clarence Street 2703
    Clayton Avenue 2703
    Clayton Street 2703
    Cliff Street 2703
    Clifton Street 2703
    Codding Road 2703
    Colchester Drive 2703
    Coleman Avenue 2703
    Colleens Way 2703
    Colleen’s Way 2703
    Collins Street 2703
    Colton Lane 2703
    Colts Way 2703
    Colvin Street 2703
    Commonwealth Avenue 2703
    Como Drive 2703
    Compton Drive 2703
    Connor Court 2703
    Constitution Avenue 2703
    Continental Drive 2703
    Cote Street 2703
    Cottage Street 2703
    Cottonwood Lane 2703
    Country Road 2703
    Country View Drive 2703
    County Street 2703
    Crandall Court 2703
    Crawford Avenue 2703

    Additional Attleboro,MA Streets:

    Cross Street 2703
    Crossman Avenue 2703
    Cullen Drive 2703
    Cumberland Avenue 2703
    Cumberland Street 2703
    Cummings Street 2703
    Curtis Avenue 2703
    Cypress Road 2703
    Daggett Road 2703
    Dailey Street 2703
    Daily Street 2703
    Daisy Lane 2703
    Dale Avenue 2703
    Dale Court 2703
    Daniel Drive 2703
    Davis Avenue 2703
    Davis Circle 2703
    Davis Street 2703
    Dean Avenue 2703
    Dean Street 2703
    Deanville Exd 2703
    Deanville Road 2703
    Debra Circle 2703
    Deer Path 2703
    Deerfield Road 2703
    Dennis Street 2703
    Derrick Drive 2703
    Devonshire Road 2703
    Dewey Avenue 2703
    Dexter Street 2703
    Dickens Street 2703
    Division Street 2703
    Donald Lane 2703
    Doral Lane 2703
    Dorchester Avenue 2703
    Dorrance Street 2703
    Douglas Avenue 2703
    Downing Drive 2703
    Draper Way 2703
    Drawbridge Lane 2703
    Drummond Street 2703
    Dunham Street 2703
    E 4th Street 2703
    E Bacon Street 2703
    Earle Avenue 2703
    East Street 2703
    Ed Ledger Drive 2703
    Eddy Street 2703
    Eden Court 2703
    Eden Terrace 2703
    Edgecliff Avenue 2703
    Edgewood Avenue 2703
    Edna Drive 2703
    Eisenhower Drive 2703
    Elbow Street 2703
    Eldridge Street 2703
    Elizabeth Street 2703
    Ellendale Road 2703
    Ellis Street 2703
    Elmina Drive 2703
    Elmwood Avenue 2703
    Emerald Lane 2703
    Emily Road 2703
    Emory Street 2703
    Esker Lane 2703
    Essex Street 2703
    Everett Street 2703
    Evergreen Road 2703
    Evmar Drive 2703
    Extension Street 2703
    Fairfield Avenue 2703
    Fairview Avenue 2703
    Fairway Drive 2703
    Falcon Drive 2703
    Falmouth Street 2703
    Fenton Avenue 2703
    Fern Street 2703
    Fieldstone Lane 2703
    Firglade Drive 2703
    Fisher Avenue 2703
    Fisher Street 2703
    Flora Road 2703
    Florence Avenue 2703
    Florence Street 2703
    Foley Street 2703