Andover, MA Bug Sweeps

Andover, MA Bug Sweeps




Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs and GPS Devices: How to know what’s Legal in Andover, Massachusetts Bug Sweeps

Legal Definition: Massachusetts is a two-party consent state, and the law, Mass. Ann. Laws Ch. 272 , § 99, requires the consent of all parties in a conversation in order to legally record an in-person or telephone conversation. A person cannot photograph, film or use any electronic device to secretly view another person in the nude without consent in areas where the subject would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 272, § 105(b).

Why Do You Need the Bug Sweeps Services in Andover, Massachusetts?

If you live in the  Andover, MA and are suspicious of hidden cameras. Especially for hidden cameras that also record or transmit audio. Also, if the hidden camera is placed in a location where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bedroom or a bathroom or record conversations that the installer of the device is not a party to.

As regards the use of GPS trackers, trespassing to place a GPS device on a vehicle or placing a GPS device on a vehicle when they are not the rightful owner of the vehicle may constitute a violation of the law. Ham Investigations offers our customers the following types of Bug Sweeps:

Andover, Massachusetts  Residential Bug Sweep Service – We locate all types of hidden cameras, listening devices, electronic transmitters, electronic audio storage, Wi-Fi connected devices within your home. Let us assist you in protecting your and your family’s privacy and give you back your peace of mind.

Andover, Massachusetts Business Bug Sweep Service – Our technicians can identify and locate all types of hidden bugging and monitoring devices whether they are turned on or off. From Executive offices to conference rooms and open bay spaces along with changing rooms and restrooms. Let us help you protect your employees and customers.

Andover, Massachusetts Telephone and Wiretap Bug Sweep Service – The professionals at Ham Investigations are able to identify phone devices that have been compromised and are being monitored surreptitiously. Whether the phones are standard desktop phones, VoIP or PoE, we can discover if these devices are safe to talk around. In addition, our team can also check Fax/Copiers along with all the connected wiring associated with these devices.

Andover, Massachusetts  GPS Bug Sweep Service – Whether a GPS tracker has been placed on your personal effects, your vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, our technicians can locate these devices and assist you in discovering who placed them.



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    Common Reasons Andover, Massachusetts Residents and Businesses are being spied upon

    • Being involved in a contentious divorce;
    • Being involved in a child custody fight;
    • Being involved in a civil lawsuit such as personal injury or workers’ compensation;
    • Owning a business and competitors want to learn your trade secrets (and, no, you don’t need to own a million- or billion-dollar business for this to happen to you);
    • Owning a business and you have a current or former employee who is being paid to spy on you (corporate espionage) or who wants to try to get you into legal trouble;
    • Currently or formerly being involved in a relationship with someone who was jealous, possessive, or abusive.

    Evidence of Possible Bug Installations in your Home or Office

    • Unexpected dust or ceiling debris on the floor, a desk, or the surface of other furniture;
    • New decorative items in the room you know you didn’t put in the room, such as a vase or even a new piece of art on the wall;
    • Wall plates and outlet covers that were once straight are now crooked;
    • You turn out the lights and see a small red light;
    • You see new scratches on your wall, ceiling, or furniture
    • Someone always shows up where you’re at although you never told them where you were going.

    Who needs Bug sweeps services in Andover, MA?

    You do. If you think that someone is or has been spying on you, don’t tell anyone. Try to stick to your normal routine. Ham Investigations utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to locate all types of bugging devices. If you have located a device you suspect is a bug, DO NOT REMOVE IT! Get to a safe location and call Ham Investigations immediately at



    Our Technicians are trained in the proper ways to document and collect these devices in a forensic manner and assist our clients as they interact with law enforcement. Allow Ham Investigations to help you regain your security and peace of mind so you can have more time to enjoy some of the following things that Andover, Massachusetts has to offer.

    Andover, MA Bug Sweeps

    Top places everyone should visit in Andover, Massachusetts:

    • Downtown AndoverDowntown Andover is an upscale commercial district with unique stores, restaurants, and cafes, making it the perfect spot for a stroll. Downtown Andover is designed specifically for walking as the pace here is relatively slow, and plenty of public benches are available when you need a break.
    • Oak & Iron Brewing Co. – Established in 2017, Oak & Iron Brewing Co. is a relatively new addition to the Andover scene. But in the short time it’s been around, it has quickly become a local favorite among craft beer lovers.
    • Penguin Park – Penguin Park is located on Burnham Road. This two-acre park features a toddler’s playground, which is perfect for kids who need to burn some energy. Penguin Park is also the perfect spot for summer picnics near a picturesque river shoreline.
    • Pomps Pond – Pomps Pond is an outdoor recreation center located at Abbot Street, along the shores of a large pond south of downtown Andover. It is a captivating 16-acre pond in the heart of Andover’s 62-acre Recreation Park.

    Mr. Thomas Ham, owner of Spy Catchers LLC and Ham Investigations was in News recently for :

    How to spot hidden cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room with your phone

    Ham Investigations professional technical surveillance countermeasures company, works with people to help track hidden devices, such as surveillance cameras.

    Experts, including Mr. Ham, say the camera lenses will reflect a blue or red color when hit with a light.

    The typical areas you should search for any hidden cameras include devices like an alarm clock, smoke detector or shower head. To Read More you can visit

    You can also find visit our post regarding How to find hidden cameras and devices with your mobile phone.

    Ham Investigations Provides Services like Bug Sweeps for Hidden Cameras nationwide including but not limited to :


    1(888) 386-6482


    We Provide Andover, MA Bug Sweeps for hidden cameras and hidden devices in the following Streets:

    Andover, MA Streets:

    Abbot Bridge Drive 1810
    Abbot Campus Circle 1810
    Abbot Street 1810
    Acorn Drive 1810
    Acropolis Circle 1810
    Agawam Lane 1810
    Alden Road 1810
    Alderbrook Road 1810
    Algonquin Avenue 1810
    Alison Way 1810
    Allen Street 1810
    Alonesos Way 1810
    Alpine Drive 1810
    Amherst Road 1810
    Amici Way 1810
    Anderson Circle 1810
    Andover Country Club Lane 1810
    Andover Street 1810
    Apache Avenue 1810
    Apollo Circle 1810
    Apple Blossom Road 1810
    Applecrest Road 1810
    Appletree Lane 1810
    Arcadia Road 1810
    Archer Lane 1810
    Argilla Road 1810
    Argyle Street 1810
    Arrowood Lane 1810
    Arthur Road 1810
    Arundel Street 1810
    Ashbury Lane 1810
    Ashford Lane 1810
    Aspen Circle 1810
    Athena Circle 1810
    Atwood Lane 1810
    Avery Lane 1810
    Avon Street 1810
    Ayer Street 1810
    Azalea Drive 1810
    Bailey Road 1810
    Baker Lane 1810
    Ballard Road 1810
    Ballardvale Road 1810
    Ballardvale Street 1810
    Balmoral Street 1810
    Bancroft Road 1810
    Bannister Road 1810
    Barbara Lane 1810
    Barnard Street 1810
    Barrington Drive 1810
    Barron Court 1810
    Bartlet Street 1810
    Basswood Lane 1810
    Bateson Drive 1810
    Bayberry Lane 1810
    Beacon Street 1810
    Bedford Place 1810
    Beech Circle 1810
    Belknap Drive 1810
    Belle Haven Drive 1810
    Belle-Isle Way 1810
    Bellevue Road 1810
    Berkeley Lane 1810
    Binney Street 1810
    Birch Road 1810
    Bittersweet Lane 1810
    Black Birch Way 1810
    Black Horse Lane 1810
    Blackberry Lane 1810
    Blanchard Street 1810
    Blood Road 1810
    Blue Star Memorial Highway 1810
    Blueberry Circle 1810
    Blueberry Hill Road 1810
    Blueberry Lane 1810
    Bobby Jones Drive 1810
    Boston Road 1810
    Boutwell Road 1810
    Bowdoin Road 1810
    Bradley Road 1810
    Brady Loop 1810
    Brechin Terrace 1810
    Brentwood Circle 1810
    Bridle Path Road 1810
    Brierwood Circle 1810
    Bristol Lane 1810
    Brook Street 1810
    Brookfield Road 1810
    Brookside Drive 1810
    Brown Street 1810
    Brundrett Avenue 1810
    Bryan Lane 1810
    Buchan Road 1810
    Bulfinch Drive 1810
    Burnham Road 1810
    Burton Farm Drive 1810
    Burtt Road 1810
    Buttonwood Drive 1810
    Buxton Court 1810
    Cabot Road 1810
    Cameron Road 1810
    Campanelli Drive 1810
    Candlewood Drive 1810
    Canterbury Street 1810
    Cardigan Road 1810
    Cardinal Lane 1810
    Carisbrooke Street 1810
    Carlisle Street 1810
    Carmel Road 1810
    Carriage Hill Road 1810
    Carter Lane 1810
    Cassimere Street 1810
    Castle Heights Road 1810
    Cattle Xing 1810
    Cedar Road 1810
    Celia Street 1810
    Center Street 1810
    Central Lane 1810
    Central Street 1810
    Chadwick Circle 1810
    Chaise Circle 1810
    Chandler Circle 1810
    Chandler Road 1810
    Chapel Avenue 1810
    Chapman Avenue 1810
    Charles Circle 1810
    Charlotte Drive 1810
    Chatham Road 1810
    Cheever Circle 1810
    Cherokee Circle 1810
    Cherrywood Circle 1810
    Chester Street 1810
    Chestnut Court 1810
    Chestnut Street 1810
    Cheyenne Circle 1810
    Cheyenne Drive 1810
    Chickering Court 1810
    Chippy Lane 1810
    Chongris Circle 1810
    Church Street 1810
    Cindy Lane 1810
    Clark Road 1810
    Clinton Court 1810
    Clover Circle 1810
    Cloverfield Drive 1810
    Cobblestone Lane 1810
    Coderre Way 1810
    College Circle 1810
    Colonial Drive 1810
    Comanche Place 1810
    Connector Road 1810
    Coolidge Road 1810
    Copley Drive 1810
    Corbett Street 1810
    Cormiers Way 1810
    Cornell Road 1810
    Corporate Drive 1810
    Cottage Road 1810
    Cottonwood Circle 1810
    Countryside Way 1810
    County Road 1810
    County Road 133 1810
    Coventry Lane 1810
    Crenshaw Lane 1810
    Crescent Drive 1810
    Crestwood Drive 1810
    Cricket Circle 1810
    Cross Street 1810
    Cuba Street 1810
    Cullen Circle 1810
    Cutler Road 1810
    Cyr Circle 1810
    Dairy Lane 1810

    Additional Andover, MA Streets:

    Dale Street 1810
    Dallon Road 1810
    Dandelion Drive 1810
    Danforth Circle 1810
    Dartmouth Road 1810
    Dascomb Road 1810
    David Drive 1810
    Dawn Circle 1810
    Dean Circle 1810
    Dearborn Lane 1810
    Deca Circle 1810
    Deerberry Lane 1810
    Deerfield Way 1810
    Delisio Drive 1810
    Delphi Circle 1810
    Devonshire Place 1810
    Donald Circle 1810
    Donna Road 1810
    Dorset Circle 1810
    Douglass Lane 1810
    Downing Street 1810
    Doyle Circle 1810
    Dufton Road 1810
    Dumbarton Street 1810
    Dundas Avenue 1810
    Dundee Park Drive 1810
    Durham Drive 1810
    Eagle Lane 1810
    Eagle Way 1810
    Eastman Road 1810
    Ellsworth Road 1810
    Elm Court 1810
    Elm Street 1810
    Elysian Drive 1810
    Embassy Lane 1810
    Endicott Road 1810
    Enfield Drive 1810
    Enmore Street 1810
    Essex Street 1810
    Ethacal Place 1810
    Evergreen Lane 1810
    Exeter Way 1810
    Fairfax Drive 1810
    Fairway Drive 1810
    Farmland Circle 1810
    Farnham Circle 1810
    Farnsworth Road 1810
    Farrwood Drive 1810
    Federal Street 1810
    Fern Road 1810
    Ferndale Avenue 1810
    Filter Bed Road 1810
    Fiske Street 1810
    Fleming Avenue 1810
    Flint Circle 1810
    Florence Street 1810
    Forbes Lane 1810
    Forest Drive 1810
    Forest Hill Drive 1810
    Fossen Way 1810
    Foster Circle 1810
    Fosters Pond Road 1810
    Foxhill Road 1810
    Franklin Avenue 1810
    Frederick Drive 1810
    Freemont Lane 1810
    Frontage Road 1810
    Fulton Road 1810
    Fun Flight Circle 1810
    Furnari Farm Lane 1810
    Gardner Avenue 1810
    Garfield Lane E 1810
    Garfield Lane N 1810
    Garfield Lane W 1810
    Gavin Circle 1810
    Gemini Circle 1810
    Geneva Road 1810
    George Street 1810
    Germano Way 1810
    Gina Jo Way 1810
    Gleason Street 1810
    Glenmeadow Road 1810
    Glenn Cove 1810
    Glenwood Road 1810
    Glenwood Road Exd 1810
    Golden Oaks Lane 1810
    Gould Road 1810
    Governor’s Drive 1810
    Gradall Lane 1810
    Granada Way 1810
    Granli Drive 1810
    Gray Road 1810
    Great Heron Place 1810
    Great Quad Road 1810
    Greenbriar Circle 1810
    Greenwood Road 1810
    Greybirch Road 1810
    Gudrun Drive 1810
    Hacienda Way 1810
    Hackney Circle 1810
    Haggetts Pond Road 1810
    Hall Avenue 1810
    Hammond Way 1810
    Hampton Lane 1810
    Hansom Road 1810
    Harding Street 1810
    Harmony Lane 1810
    Harold Parker Road 1810
    Harper Circle 1810
    Hartford Circle 1810
    Hartigan Court 1810
    Harvard Road 1810
    Harwich Lane 1810
    Haskell Road 1810
    Haven Drive 1810
    Haverhill Street 1810
    Hawk Ridge Road 1810
    Hawthorne Circle 1810
    Hazelwood Circle 1810
    Hearthstone Place 1810
    Heather Drive 1810
    Hemlock Road 1810
    Henderson Avenue 1810
    Heritage Lane 1810
    Hickory Lane 1810
    Hidden Field Road 1810
    Hidden Road 1810
    Hidden Way 1810
    High Meadow 1810
    High Plain Road 1810
    High Street 1810
    High Vale Lane 1810
    Highland Avenue 1810
    Highland Road 1810
    Highland Wayside 1810
    Highvale Lane 1810
    Hillcrest Road 1810
    Hitchcock Farm Road 1810
    Holly Terrace 1810
    Holmes Road 1810
    Holt Road 1810
    Homestead Circle 1810
    Howell Drive 1810
    Hunter Drive 1810
    Iceland Road 1810
    Interstate 495 1810
    Interstate 93 1810
    Inwood Lane 1810
    Iron Gate Drive 1810
    Iroquois Avenue 1810
    Island Way 1810
    Ivanhoe Lane 1810
    Ivy Lane 1810
    Jefferson Lane 1810
    Jenkins Road 1810
    Johnson Road 1810
    Joseph Street 1810
    Joyce Terrace 1810
    Judson Road 1810
    Juliette Street 1810
    Juniper Road 1810
    Kalia Circle 1810
    Karlton Circle 1810
    Kathleen Drive 1810
    Kenilworth Street 1810
    Kensington Street 1810
    Keystone Way 1810
    Kirkland Drive 1810
    Knollcrest Drive 1810
    Korinthian Way 1810
    Laconia Drive 1810
    Lakeside Circle 1810
    Lamancha Way 1810
    Lancaster Place 1810

    Additional Andover, MA Streets:

    Landau Lane 1810
    Langley Lane 1810
    Lansbury Lane 1810
    Lantern Road 1810
    Larchmont Circle 1810
    Launching Road 1810
    Laurel Lane 1810
    Lavender Hill Lane 1810
    Ledge Road 1810
    Lenox Circle 1810
    Lewis Street 1810
    Liberty Street 1810
    Lillian Terrace 1810
    Lincoln Circle 1810
    Lincoln Circle E 1810
    Lincoln Circle W 1810
    Lincoln Street 1810
    Lincoln Terrace 1810
    Linda Road 1810
    Linwood Street 1810
    Livingston Circle 1810
    Locke Street 1810
    Lockway Road 1810
    Longwood Drive 1810
    Lovejoy Road 1810
    Lowell Junction Road 1810
    Lowell Street 1810
    Lucerne Drive 1810
    Lupine Road 1810
    Magnolia Avenue 1810
    Main Street 1810
    Maple Avenue 1810
    Maple Court 1810
    Marie Drive 1810
    Marigold Lane 1810
    Marilyn Road 1810
    Marion Avenue 1810
    Marland Street 1810
    Martingale Lane 1810
    Marwood Drive 1810
    Mary Lou Lane 1810
    Matthew Street 1810
    Mayflower Drive 1810
    McDonald Circle 1810
    McKenney Circle 1810
    Meadow View Lane 1810
    Meadowbrook Drive 1810
    Memorial Circle 1810
    Mercury Circle 1810
    Messinia Drive 1810
    Michael Way 1810
    Middle Street 1810
    Midland Circle 1810
    Millstone Circle 1810
    Minuteman Road 1810
    Mitton Circle 1810
    Mohawk Road 1810
    Molly Road 1810
    Monahan Lane 1810
    Montclair Avenue 1810
    Montego Circle 1810
    Moraine Street 1810
    Moreland Avenue 1810
    Morningside Drive 1810
    Mortimer Drive 1810
    Morton Street 1810
    Muirfield Circle 1810
    Mulberry Circle 1810
    Myles Circle 1810
    N Main Street 1810
    Nancy Circle 1810
    Napier Road 1810
    New England Bus Ctr Drive 1810
    Newman Hill Drive 1810
    Newport Circle 1810
    Nicholas Circle 1810
    Nicoll Drive 1810
    Nob Hill Circle 1810
    Noel Road 1810
    Nollet Drive 1810
    North Street 1810
    Norwich Place 1810
    Nutmeg Lane 1810
    Oak Street 1810
    Oakland Road 1810
    Odyssey Way 1810
    Old Campus Road 1810
    Old River Road 1810
    Old Schoolhouse Road 1810
    Old South Lane 1810
    Olde Berry Road 1810
    Olympia Way 1810
    Orchard Street 1810
    Orchard Xing 1810
    Oriole Drive 1810
    Osgood Street 1810
    Paddock Lane 1810
    Park Street 1810
    Parnassus Place 1810
    Parthenon Circle 1810
    Partridge Hill Road 1810
    Pasho Street 1810
    Patricia Circle 1810
    Pauline Drive 1810
    Paulornette Circle 1810
    Peach Tree Path 1810
    Pearson Street 1810
    Penacook Place 1810
    Penbrook Circle 1810
    Pendant Court 1810
    Penni Lane 1810
    Penobscot Way 1810
    Peppercorn Lane 1810
    Pepperidge Circle 1810
    Peterof Circle 1810
    Pettingill Road 1810
    Phaeton Circle 1810
    Pheasant Run 1810
    Phillips Street 1810
    Phoenix Place 1810
    Pilgrim Drive 1810
    Pine Brook Drive 1810
    Pine Street 1810
    Pinecone Lane 1810
    Pinecrest Road 1810
    Pinetree Lane 1810
    Pioneer Circle 1810
    Pipers Glen 1810
    Pipers Glenn 1810
    Pleasant Street 1810
    Pole Hill Drive 1810
    Pomeroy Road 1810
    Pondview Place 1810
    Poor Street 1810
    Poplar Terrace 1810
    Porter Road 1810
    Possum Hollow Road 1810
    Post Office Avenue 1810
    Powers Road 1810
    Preston Circle 1810
    Prides Circle 1810
    Princeton Avenue 1810
    Prospect Road 1810
    Punchard Avenue 1810
    Quail Run 1810
    Rachel Road 1810
    Radcliff Drive 1810
    Railroad Avenue 1810
    Railroad Street 1810
    Random Lane 1810
    Rasmussen Circle 1810
    Rattlesnake Hill Road 1810
    Ravens Bluff 1810
    Red Spring Road 1810
    Redgate Drive 1810
    Regency Ridge 1810
    Regis Road 1810
    Rennie Drive 1810
    Reservation Road 1810
    Richard Circle 1810
    Ridge Hill Way 1810
    Ridge Street 1810
    Rindge Road 1810
    River Park Terrace 1810
    River Road 1810
    River Street 1810
    Riverina Road 1810
    Riverside Drive 1810
    Robandy Road 1810
    Robinswood Way 1810
    Rock O Dundee Road 1810
    Rockridge Road 1810
    Rocky Hill Road 1810